Simma Software Releases NXP Kinetis CAN Bus Device Driver

September 2, 2015 · < 1 min read

Simma Software Releases CAN Device Driver for the NXP Kinetis K Series

Press release date: September 2, 2015

NXP Kinetis K Series CAN Software Driver

September 2, 2015, Terre Haute, IN – Simma Software, Inc. announced today the release of a high-performance Controller Area Network (CAN) device driver for the NXP Kinetis K series of microcontrollers. This is the latest addition to an ever expanding list of supported processors which has now surpassed 50 unique CAN drivers.

Simma Software has a long history of supporting microcontrollers from all the various MCU families designed by NXP. As a member of the NXP Partner Program, the firm continues to expand their list of supported processors to meet the needs of customers who are using NXP processors in their projects requiring CAN.

By adding support for the Kinetis K series, all of Simma Software’s protocol stacks including SAE J1939, ISO 15765, UDS, and CANopen can be seamlessly integrated into application firmware for projects using these microcontrollers.

About Simma Software, Inc.

Simma Software, Inc. specializes in real-time embedded software and hardware for the automotive, military, and industrial automation industry. Products and services include protocol stacks, bootloaders, device drivers, training, and consultation on the following technologies: J1939, CAN, J1587, J1708, J2497, J1922, J1979, ISO 15765, OBD-II, CANopen, UDS, XCP, and NMEA2000. The firm also has a full suite of vehicle network adapters supporting RS232, and USB interfaces.

MEDIA CONTACT: Patrick Browne, Ph: 888-256-3828 E-mail: sales ‘at’

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