Simma Software Introduces Low Cost Wireless J1939 to WiFi Adapter

November 1, 2011 · < 1 min read

Simma Software Introduces New Low Cost Wireless J1939/J1708 Adapter

Release date: November 1, 2011

Heavy Duty Vehicle Network Adapter

November 1, 2011, Terre Haute, IN – Simma Software, Inc. announced today that they are introducing a new low cost high-performance J1939/J1708 wireless adapter supporting the industry standard wireless 802.11b networking specification. The new wireless adapter, VNAWiFi, supports the heavy-duty and commercial vehicle markets.

The VNA-WiFi allows OEMs, fleets, and service providers, for heavy duty and commercial vehicles, to wirelessly connect in real-time to their vehicle networks, allowing them to instantly gather critical information such as active diagnostic faults and fuel economy metrics.

The VNA-WiFi, and all VNA family devices, also supports ISO 15765 and CANopen, allowing the VNA to support light-duty vehicles and industrial automation applications. To learn more, see our Wireless J1939 to WiFi Adapter page. We also provide low-cost J1939 to RS-232 and J1939 to USB adapters.

“With the 802.11b interface, PDAs such as an iPhone, iPod, Droid, become a gateway for technicians and drivers to diagnose and interact with their vehicles. The industry loves our new VNA product line, its low price point, and reliability.” said JR Simma, the President of Simma Software.

About Simma Software, Inc.

Simma Software, Inc. specializes in real-time embedded software for the automotive, military, and industrial automation industry. Products and services include protocol stacks, adapters, flash bootloaders, device drivers, training, and consultation on the following technologies: SAE J1939, ISO 15765, CANopen, CAN, J1587, J1708, J2497, J1922, J1850, J1979, and OBD-II.

CONTACT: JR Simma, Phone: 888-256-3828

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