Simma Software Achieves 10 years in Business

March 3, 2013 · 2 min read

Milestone Achieved: Simma Software’s 10th Year in Business

Press release date: March 3, 2013

Simma Software a Thriving, Successful Company

March 3, 2013, Terre Haute, IN – 2013 marks the 10th year of operations for Simma Software. The company was founded by JR Simma in 2004. It began with a single, large customer that hired the firm to design custom software for an anti-lock brake system and a tire pressure inflation monitor for military and commercial vehicles. In addition to doing custom software development, in 2006 they began selling protocol stacks, bootloaders, and device drivers.

Simma Software has grown tremendously over the years, from its first customer to nearly 400 customers worldwide from a variety of industries including automotive, military, and medical. Notable customers include Toyota, Audi, Saab, Boeing, Eaton, Freightliner/Daimler, Cummins, Bose, Ford, and the U.S. military, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics. With their increasing customer base, Simma Software has experienced positive revenue growth year after year. In 2009, a separate milestone was reached as the number of units the firm’s software solutions were deployed on reached the 1 million mark.

Over the years, Simma Software has developed a close partnership with Texas Instruments. As the preferred global CAN solutions provider, Simma Software works with several TI global customers annually. As a result of this partnership, the global customer base of Simma Software has grown dramatically.

In 2011 the firm added hardware design and manufacturing to their business mix. Simma Software now makes J1939 and OBD-II vehicle network adapters (VNAs), and is in the development stages for a full telematics device (AVL) and an electronic logging device (ELD).

In summary, from its beginnings, Simma Software has become a formidable, successful company in the embedded software industry where they are known for their excellent quality, reliability, and efficiency.

About Simma Software, Inc.

Simma Software, Inc. specializes in real-time embedded software and hardware for the automotive, military, and industrial automation industry. Products and services include protocol stacks, bootloaders, device drivers, training, and consultation on the following technologies: J1939, CAN, J1587, J1708, J2497, J1922, J1979, ISO 15765, OBD-II, CANopen, UDS, LIN, XCP and NMEA2000. The firm also has a full suite of vehicle network adapters supporting RS232, USB, and WiFi interfaces.

MEDIA CONTACT: Patrick Browne, Ph: 888-256-3828 E-mail: sales ‘at’

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