Release of PIC32MK UDS Bootloader

October 1, 2022 · < 1 min read

Simma Software Releases UDS Flash Bootloader for Microchip PIC32MK With Enhanced Security

Press release date: October 1, 2022

Microchip PIC32MK UDS Bootloader with Microchip TA100

October 1, 2022, Terre Haute, IN – Simma Software, Inc. announced today the release of a high-performance UDS bootloader for the Microchip PIC32MK using Microchip Trust Anchor (TA100) for enhanced security. The firm has now developed and delivered over 100 flash bootloader projects to their global customer base supporting multiple interfaces including CAN (J1939 and UDS), LIN, Ethernet, RS232, and USB. The Simma designed bootloader comes with several optional custom design features including encryption, authentication, secure boot, updateable bootloader, and host application adapter and flashing protocol.

The TA100 is a security IC for automotive security applications that provides support for code authentication (secure boot), message authentication, trusted firmware updates, and multiple key management protocols. As a companion device to an MCU on the same board, the TA100 integrates multiple asymmetric, symmetric and hashing security protocols supporting an enhanced hardware-based cryptographic key storage and countermeasures to eliminate potential backdoors linked to software weaknesses.

About Simma Software, Inc.

Simma Software, Inc. specializes in real-time embedded software and hardware for the automotive, military, and industrial automation industry. Products and services include protocol stacks, bootloaders, device drivers, training, and consultation on the following technologies: J1939, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, J1587, J1708, J2497, J1922, J1979, ISO 15765, OBD-II, CANopen, UDS, XCP, and NMEA2000. The firm also has a full suite of vehicle network adapters supporting RS232, and USB interfaces.

MEDIA CONTACT: Patrick Browne, Ph: 888-256-3828 E-mail: sales ‘at’

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