RealFuel Tracks Fuel Economy, Gas Mileage, and Odometer for OBDII Vehicles

June 21, 2013 · < 1 min read

Simma Software Introduces OBD-II Technology to Monitor Fuel Efficiency

Press release date: June 21, 2013

RealFuel Calculates Gas Mileage, Odometer, and Trip Distance

June 21, 2013, Terre Haute, IN – Simma Software, Inc. announced today the launch of RealFuel, a real-time technology designed to calculate vehicle statistics and monitor vehicle conditions. RealFuel calculates total fuel used, instantaneous fuel economy (miles per gallon), and odometer values for OBD-II based vehicles.

According to JR Simma, the Founder and Director of Engineering, “the calculations involved in RealFuel are precise, require a real-time environment, and use a special math that is more accurate than floating point. This technology, which is embedded in our suite of vehicle network adaptors, mitigates problems seen by other providers resulting in readings that can have up to 10 times the accuracy. I hear frequently from customers about their concern with fuel consumption. We developed RealFuel to tangibly address their concerns about fuel economy.”

With potential EOBR requirements on the horizon, Simma Software is working closely with OEM’s, fleets and service providers. The firm’s goal is not only compliance to the new rule, but also providing technologies, like RealFuel, that generate a return on investment for the end customer.

About Simma Software, Inc.

Simma Software, Inc. specializes in real-time embedded software and hardware for the automotive, military, and industrial automation industry. Products and services include protocol stacks, bootloaders, device drivers, training, and consultation on the following technologies: J1939, CAN, J1587, J1708, J2497, J1922, J1850, J1979, ISO 15765, OBD-II, CANopen, UDS, KWP2000, and NMEA2000. The firm also has a full suite of vehicle network adapters supporting RS232, USB, and WiFi interfaces.

MEDIA CONTACT: Patrick Browne, Ph: 888-256-3828 E-mail: sales ‘at’

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