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DoIP – ISO 13400 Stack

Diagnostic over IP (DoIP) is an automotive communication protocol that allows diagnostic communication between external test equipment and vehicle control units (ECUs) over an Ethernet connection. This protocol is defined by the ISO 13400 standard and is designed to support the ever-growing demand for high-speed diagnostics and software updates in modern vehicles. Unlike traditional diagnostic systems that rely on slower, more limited communication protocols like CAN (Controller Area Network), DoIP enables faster data transfer rates and supports a wide range of diagnostic and programming tasks. This includes everything from reading and erasing error codes to flashing new firmware onto ECUs.

The adoption of DoIP has been driven by the increasing complexity and number of electronic systems in vehicles, as well as the need for more efficient and faster diagnostic processes. With the capacity to handle large volumes of data at high speeds, DoIP significantly reduces the time required for diagnosing problems and updating vehicle software. Additionally, it supports flexible network architectures and can be used over various types of network topologies, including existing vehicle wiring. This not only simplifies the integration of new technologies into vehicles but also ensures backward compatibility with older diagnostic protocols through gateways. As vehicles continue to evolve with more advanced electronic systems, DoIP stands out as a critical technology for ensuring efficient and effective vehicle maintenance and updates.

The Simma Software Diagnostics over IP, or DoIP, stack implements all of the required features of the ISO 13400 protocol making it extremely simple to move from Diagnostics on another protocol such as ISO-TP/CAN. Our stack handles the device discovery, connection, authentication, and all service requests/responses required to get your ECU or diagnostic tool up and running. It provides a simple interface from both the TCP/IP layer and the UDS layer, and has no hardware requirements other than an update tick, making integration a breeze.

ISO 13400 (DoIP) Protocol Stack Details:

  • ISO 13400 compliant
  • MISRA C compliant
  • ANSI C source code
  • Use with or without an RTOS
  • Use with 8, 16, 32, or 64-bit CPU

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