SAE J1939 Software
SAE J1939 Protocol Stack
SAE J1939 Protocol Stack

Experience Summary

  • 1000 Global Customers
  • 500 Protocol Stacks
  • 300 CAN Device Drivers
  • 75 Flash Bootloaders
  • 60 Microcontrollers & DSPs
  • 7 Real-Time Operating Systems
  • 1 United States Patent


  • TI DSP 3rd Party Network
  • NXP Partner Program
  • STMicroelectronics Partner
  • Microchip Design Partner
  • Infineon Partner Program

J1939 and UDS Flash Bootloader

Simma Software offers both the PC side flash bootloader application plus the target specific code which resides in the ECU. With both components, customers can upgrade their ECU application in the field. For any embedded system, this is an important feature which reduces exposure to software defects. Supported protocols include J1939, CAN, CAN-FD, UDS, ISO 15765, LIN, J1587, J1708, RS-232, USB, and Bluetooth.

J1939 and UDS Bootloader Picture

With 50K man hours of experience and 75 embedded flash bootloaders completed, we can offer expertise and assistance in correctly architecting and partitioning your system.

J1939 and UDS Flash Bootloader Details:

  • ANSI C source code
  • Customer modifications supported
  • Multiple supported interfaces
  • Power interruption hardened
  • Encryption and Seed/Key Security
  • AES-256, SHA-256, HMAC, Elliptical
  • Real-time download, dual partition, and OTA supported
  • Multi-image: bootloader, application, and calibration
  • Secure boot and authenticated communications utilizing the TA100 Trust Anchor
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