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J1939/73 specifies the diagnostic layer for a J1939 network and is the only application layer published and supported for J1939. This specification is responsible for defining all diagnostic layer SPNs and PGNs. J1939-73 defines messages for active faults, passive faults, and clearing faults. Also messages for OBD-2 compliance and flash bootloader operation (i.e. erase and programing of flash).
PGN 65226             Active Diagnostic Codes
Transmission Repetition: See J1939-73 spec
Data Length: Variable
Default Priority: 6
Parameter Group Number: 65226
Start Position Length Parameter Name SPN
1.8-1.72 bitsMalfunction Indicator Lamp Status1213
1.6-1.52 bitsRed Stop Lamp Status623
1.4-1.32 bitsAmber Warning Lamp Status624
1.2-1.12 bitsProtect Lamp Status987
3-64 bytesDTCn/a
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