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NMEA 2000 Software Protocol Stack FAQ

What is a NMEA 2000 protocol stack?
A NMEA 2000 protocol stack, also known as middleware, is a software library which converts between individual CAN frames and complete NMEA 2000 messages.
Which sub-specifications of NMEA 2000 does your software support?
Our NMEA 2000 software protocol stack handles all of the required features of NMEA 2000. Specifically, our software implements the data-link, network management, and transport protocol (2, 3, and 4) layers of the OSI model.
Which CPUs and microcontrollers does your protocol stack support?
Our NMEA 2000 software is written entirely in the ANSI C programming language and is completely platform independent. This means it will work will all CPUs and microcontrollers. The target specific code is handled by the CAN device driver.
How much does the NMEA 2000 software cost and how it is licensed?
Please contact us for our price list and license details.
Does your NMEA 2000 software protocol stack require an RTOS?
No, none of our products require an RTOS. Although not required, our protocol stacks have been used with FreeRTOS, uC/OS-II, eCos, Linux, Windows, and Windows CE.
Which NMEA 2000 messages does your protocol stack support?
Our NMEA 2000 software supports all messages defined by the application and diagnostic layers.
How is Simma Software's business doing?
Simma Software has been in business for eight years, with consistent year to year growth. Both our gross revenue and net profit increase 30% to 60% every year, with an average of 20 to 30 new customers per year.
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