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J1939 PGN

In SAE J1939, the acronym PGN stands for Parameter Group Number and represents the identifier of a J1939 message. Every J1939 message has a unique PGN assigned to it by the SAE committee when the message is defined.
A PGN is 18-bits wide and is made up of the following fields: Extended Data Page, Data Page, PDU Format, PDU Specific. Depending on the value of the PDU Format field, a message is either destination specific, meaning it is for a specific CA, or global, meaning it is for all CAs. The PGN identifier is encoded to allow for a maximum of 8,672 unique PGNs.
PGN 61444             Electronic Engine Controller 1
Transmission Repetition: engine speed dependent
Data Length: 8
Default Priority: 3
Parameter Group Number: 61444
Start Position Length Parameter Name SPN
1.14 bitsEngine Torque Mode899
21 byteDriver's Demand Engine - Percent Torque512
31 byteActual Engine - Percent Torque513
4-52 bytesEngine Speed190
61 byteSource Address of Controlling Device of Engine1483
7.14 bitsEngine Starter Mode1675
81 byteEngine Demand - Percent Torque2432
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