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SAE J1939 Protocol Stack

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J1939, OBD2, UDS Adapter/Converter: RS232, USB, Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, Android, iOS

The VNA family of high-performance, low-cost, low latency adapters support J1939, OBD2, UDS, and J1708 for heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles. The family implements J1939 to RS232, J1939 to USB, J1939 to Bluetooth (including BLE), and wireless J1939 to WiFi (802.11b) interfaces, with support for Android and iOS devices. All devices support dual J1939, OBD2, UDS, and CAN networks and a single J1587/J1708 network.

The family was designed to meet the demanding bandwidth requirements of J1939 and the critical timing of J1708.  The VNA devices provide internal buffers with up to 300 filters, largely reducing the overhead for the host. The adapters identify protocol errors, inter-character spacing, idle line detection, collision detection, and implements automatic retries.

Host interfaces of RS-232, Hi-Speed USB (480 Mbps), Ethernet (100 Mbps), and Wireless (802.11b - WiFi) are available. For questions, see our J1939 Adapter FAQ.

Below is a password protected example Windows console application which contains the source code for basic interface functions for adding filters, transmitting J1939/J1587/J1708 messages, and processing the real-time statistics message: Windows J1939/J1587/J1708 Example and a Linux Example. For the password, please contact us.
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