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J1939 Adapter FAQ

Which protocols does the VNA adapter support?
The Vehicle Network Adapter (VNA) product family is a J1939, J1708, and OBD2 adapter designed for heavy duty vehicles. It supports SAE J1939, SAE J1587, SAE J1708, OBD, ISO 15765, and Controller Area Network (CAN).
How many networks does the VNA adapter support?
The adapters support dual J1939/CAN networks, dual OBD2, and a single J1587/J1708 network.
What operating systems and devices do the adapters support?
The VNA-USB uses the standard USB Virtual Com Port (CDC VCP) profile. Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems have built in support for the USB VCP profile, therefore no custom device driver is required.

The VNA-Bluetooth uses the standard Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP), which is also supported by Windows, Linux, and Android. Therefore no custom Bluetooth driver is required. An additional version of the VNA-Bluetooth, which is Apple MFI compatible, is avaialable for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.
How much does the VNA adapter cost?
We offer significant price discounts for large volumes. Please contact us for pricing.
What host interfaces are supported?
RS-232 up to 1Mbps, Hi-Speed USB up to 480Mbps, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet up to 100Mbps.
Does the VNA-USB use a high retention USB connector?
Yes, the VNA-USB uses the standard, orange colored, high retention USB connector. The high retention connector is compatible with standard USB cables, suitable for high shock and vibration applications, and offers a secure connection (up to 50% stronger).
Do the adapters support diagnostic and statistic information?
The VNA supports diagnostic messages for J1939 and J1587/J1708. Also the VNA tracks network statistic information such as the number of valid messages and errors.
How is Simma Software's business doing?
Simma Software has been in business for ten years, with consistent year to year growth. Both gross revenue and net profit increase 30% to 60% year over year, with an average of 100 new customers per year.
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