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J1939 SPN

In SAE J1939, the acronym SPN stands for Suspect Parameter Number and represents the identity of a J1939 parameter. Every J1939 parameter has a unique SPN, which is 19-bits wide, assigned to it by the SAE committee when the parameter is defined.
The main purpose of the suspect parameter number is to identify a parameter when a failure has occurred. Every failure is identified by its SPN and FMI fields.
PGN 65134             High Resolution Wheel Speed
Transmission Repetition: 20ms
Data Length: 8
Default Priority: 2
Parameter Group Number: 65134
Start Position Length Parameter Name SPN
1-2 2 bytes Front Axle, Left Wheel Speed 1592
3-4 2 bytes Front Axle, Right Wheel Speed 1593
5-6 2 bytes Rear Axle, Left Wheel Speed 1594
7-8 2 bytes Rear Axle, Right Wheel Speed 1595
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