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J1939 Protocol Stack

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J1939 SA

In SAE J1939, the acronym SA stands for Source Address and represents the address of a controller application. A source address is 8-bits wide and is included in every J1939 message. Also, every J1939 controller application (i.e. ECU), has a unique SA.
J1939 requires every CA to have a unique source address (SA) to guarentee that all CAN identifiers are unique. This is a requirement of the CAN Bosch specification and is required for correct CAN functionality. J1939-81 specifies an address claim procedure which details what steps should be taken if more than one controller application (CA) has the same source address (SA).
J1939 SA Example
   0:Engine #1
   1:Engine #2
   3:Transmission #1
   4:Transmission #2
   5:Shift Console - Primary
   ... :...
   255:Global - All CAs
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